I wanted to start growing my own medicine to help with my Crohns disease. I was tired of not having a reliable source and I wanted to know exactly what was going into it and how it was cared for.  I have never grown before this and I wanted to show people that it’s very easy to grow your own CBD medicine. I utilized Google and Instagram to reach out to gain knowledge of the process. It’s an amazing community full of people who want to help and answer questions.  Anyone of any legal age would be able to use this product effortlessly and efficiently.

Here is what I used for this first grow. I used a Pineapple Express Auto Feminized seed from AMS seeds. (You can use any seed you want, hemp/CBD flower included). I used True Northern Lighting 238watt plate light fixture with a 3-gallon pot/soil medium (Happy Frog) in a 4x4x6 (Royal Grow Tent), using IONIC bloom/grow nutrients and PH’D water.

Here is a direct quote about the light I’m using from their website “Our Plate series is our standard fixture running a 238W this light will be perfect to flower a 4×4 tent while only sacrificing some light intensity

In the pictures, you will see I started off with 2 -3 plants total.  I realized later on that there would be too many variables with this many plants. Those plants were sent to homes to finish their journey and I finished strong with my original seed.

Week 1

Week 1:  Plant has already started to show fan leaves.  Bright green leaves and the light is running perfectly. Temp: 80 Rh 65

Week 2

Week 2: Starting to grow towards the light.  Light is working flawlessly. The plant was “topped” to gain more colas.  Temp: 82 Rh 66

Week 3

Week 3: Plant has doubled in growth and height. Started giving grow nutrients once a week. Figured out I had an airflow problem that was causing the high temperature in the room. Problem fixed. Temp: 75 Rh 6

Week 4

Week 4:  Added a “Scrog” set up to make sure stems have enough support.  Starting to see where the plant was topped is showing two main cola spots. Grow nutrients given. Temp: 73 Rh 60

Week 5

Week 5:  Bud spots are forming with long clear white hairs showing up.  Starting to bush out. Last week of giving grow nutrients. Temp: 70 Rh 59

Week 6

Week 6: Started trimming a few fan leaves off at a time.  Light is still helping this baby grow. Buds are starting to put on mass. Starting to give bloom nutrients. Temp: 70 Rh 57

Week 7

Week 7:  Both main colas are really starting to show growth.  Smaller buds near bottom are starting to grow bigger. Starting to have that marijuana smell. Bloom nutrients given. Temp: 70 Rh 56

Week 8

Week 8:  I lost power for 2 days.  Possibly stunted height and width growth of the plant.  Buds are now 12 inches out of the dirt and gaining more density each day. A very potent smell when the tent is opened. The plant was flushed with just water. Temp: 70 Rh 55

Week 9

Week 9:  It seems like everything is going straight to the buds.  No more height but the mass of plant has doubled. Main colas are thicker than a silver dollar. No more nutrients being given. Temp: 70 Rh 53

Week 10

Week 10: Lost power for 4 days.  Really worried that plant was going to die, but it was resilient and all I did was put it in front of a window. Flushed the plant one more time, still no nutrients given. Temp: 80 Rh 70 (no power in the house.)

Week 11 – Last day

Week 11 (Day 79): Watered once early this week.  4 days later officially chopped and harvested. Lights officially off. Weighted buds with stems wet 234 grams. 30 grams of leafs and trimmings (These will be used to make butter for edibles).

Day 79 – 83: Everything is hung upside down on a string from a clothes hanger. Drying in the tent. Temp: 68 Rh 54 (lights have been off this whole time)

Day 83-104 – Curing in the jars.

Original Investment:

True Northern Lighting 238 Watt plate – $299.00 (Zero Cost in exchange for review)

RGR Manor Grow Tent 4 x 4 – $179.00 (on sale for $100)

Hydrofarm Active Air ACDF6 Hydroponic 6″ – $137.00

Hydrofarm Active Air Carbon Filter 8×24 750 CFM  – $169.00

Grow Nutrients and Soil – $70

Electric bill went up $25 per month x 3 months

Miscellaneous grow utensils – $100 (Total everything $651)

FINAL HARVEST: 63 grams: 2 ounces and a quarter

24 brownies made from trimmings – $5 a piece =$120

2 Ounces at $200 an ounces = $400

Total of $520 on return after first grow.  Will have made my money back plus more after the second grow.

I would recommend this light to anyone who is trying to expand his or her growing capabilities.  The company is very knowledgeable and very helpful with customer services. The light itself is lightweight and user friendly.  The LEDs on this light will not kill your electric bill. This is a great light for any grower of any skill. Consider how much you are paying for your pharmaceuticals, medical insurance, and any extra fees from uncovered treatments. Compare it to what I have paid for to grow my own medicine, and consider if learning how to grow CBD flower may benefit you.

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