I used Tonic’s Warrior TONIC CBD Roll-on last month on my vacation in Aruba. It helped me deal with severe pain in my wrist and pain in my ankle that I got from a lot of walking.

I was using Tonic’s CBD Roll-on on my ankle throughout my trip and I started using it on my wrist after I ran out of my samples of Medterra CBD pain cream. It came in handy while I was at the beach. I love the fact that it was a roll-on and not a cream because I didn’t have to worry about getting sand anywhere like I would if I had a CBD pain cream. I just open the cover roll it onto my pain areas and then massage with my fingers.

The pain relief lasted a few hours and I felt the relief after a few minutes. I also used it over a week and a half before and after the trip.

Tonic’s Warrior TONIC is created for providing pain relief from muscle pain. You can also buy their Chronic TONIC CBD Roll-on which is made for relief from chronic pain caused by joint or nerve inflammation

Included CBD+Essential Oils provide all-natural pain relief for hard-working muscles.

Make sure that you shake it well before applying to your skin.

Tonic Warrior TONIC CBD Roll-on Ingredients

  • 200mg 99% Pure CBD Isolate suspended in 9mL MCT Oil
  • 1mL muscle soothing and pain relieving essential oil blend
    • Rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, clove, marjoram, basil 

Cost: $25

Size: 200mg CBD/10mL

Purchase at Tonic Vibes

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