Stashbox Review – July Box

What a colorful month it is for my July Stashbox Review. Last month’s box featured the Buddie Burner and this month’s box is featuring an awesome medical-grade magnifier called the T-H-SEE. The T-H-SEE is designed in Colorado and is a true medical grade magnifier. Stashbox Review This month’s box is called “Discovery”. The featured item the T-H-SEE is used to discover things like viewing the trichomes on your favorite CBD flowers or inspecting your favorite coin or stamp collection. July’s Stashbox is an Orange with white lined decorations on the box. Inside is a lovely orange color with bee hive designs…

Stashbox Items Giveaway

Here is our Stashbox Items Giveaway. I decided that I will give away a few items from my May Stashbox and June Stashbox Stashbox Items Buddie Burner Pendant Grinder by Kannastor The Botanist Pipe by Chameleon Glass Vatra Pipe Bag with Zipper You can check out Stashbox here: https://getstashbox.com/ Stashbox Items Giveaway

Stashbox Review – June Box

Like my May Stashbox Review, this month’s Stashbox is even more colorful. From the boxes that I’ve seen over the past few months I really appreciate all the effort that goes into having a different theme each month. The Stashbox is a monthly subscription for boxes filled with over $60 worth of items ranging from water bongs to rolling papers to herb grinders. This month’s box is featuring the Buddie Burner snack pack burner.  The Buddie Burner snack pack burner is a wearable water filtering bong that costs $34.95. It is the perfect traveling companions! You can wear it on the…

Stashbox Review – May Box

So today I have a treat for you guys in my Stashbox Review. For those of you who don’t know what the Stashbox is let me explain. The Stashbox is a box that is shipped to you monthly for a subscription of $30 a month plus express shipping. Every month you receive a special design box filled with items which vary from box to box. In February, the boxed featured a product from Shine Papers. In March, it featured Marley Natural. Yes, the company founded by the family of Bob Marley. In April, the box featured a product by Ryot. Stashbox Review…