Sacred Biology


Sacred Biology CBD Deodorant

In my September Stashbox came a Sacred Biology CBD Deodorant sample. I was stoked as I was considering natural deodorants since I saw a PiperWai on Shark Tank. PiperWai like Sacred Biology produces deodorant that are natural and aluminum-free. Most of those who starts using more natural antiperspirants and deodorant do so because they don’t want to put any chemicals in their body or at least limit the amount. Sacred Biology CBD Deodorant Most people think that deodorant is anything that we swipe under our underarms. This is not actually accurate. Deodorants are made to curb body odor while antiperspirants…

September 2017 Stashbox Review

Stashbox has come a long way from generic cardboard boxes to very colorful themed boxes. I look forward every month to my box like a kid in a candy store. This month’s Stashbox is called “The Be You Box” featuring Cali Crusher Glass. Cali Crusher Glass and the Limited Edition Leafy Eyes Treemoji Pin alongside 4-6 personalized goodies is in this month’s Stashbox. September 2017 Stashbox Review September’s Stashbox has deep purple, turquoise, pink and yellow colors with distinctive shadows. Almost like someone threw different colors of paint on the floor. My box includes: Cali Crusher Hammer Bubbler L-Zip Pouch by…