Receptra Targeted Topical


Some news and updates!

First off, I just wanted to reach out to the community and to say thanks to those of you who been there for me over the past two weeks. The death of my uncle really hit me hard. Sometimes you truly don’t see it on the outside but after a while you realize the mental toll it takes on your body. Attending the funeral was really a blessing. I flew up to New York with 3 of my sisters and it turned out better than expected. Tons of people showed up that there were people outside the church that couldn’t…

Receptra™ Targeted Topical Review

Receptra™ Targeted Topical is a cream that provides relief from muscle and joint pain. I have been using it for over a week now for a bad shoulder. I carry my work bag on my right shoulder every day to work and never realized how heavy it was until I started feeling feel sharp pains in my right shoulder. The smell is very mesmerizing. It is not over powering. Slightly on the medicated side. It’s very subtle. Reminds me of a natural scented candle. It is also not greasy. I dip two fingers in the 1oz tub and then gentle massage the…