CBDfx CBD Raw Dabs helped a veteran

I cried when one of our military veterans used CBDfx CBD Raw Dabs and it helped him with his PTSD. As many of you know, most of us are military veterans. Our CBD Reddit sub founder Matt recently moved to Denver and has started working with veterans to get them educated on the benefits of CBD and Medical Marijuana. I send out a package of CBD products for his new friends to try out. I like many other veterans see doctors at VA medical centers and hospitals. Every time I step inside I can feel pride and sadness. I know what…

CBD Benefits For Chronic Pain

CBD benefits for chronic pain have been shown to help many illnesses like insomnia, cancer, epilepsy and arthritis. Not everyone wants to pop pills every 4-6 hours for pain all while hurting one’s liver. This is the beauty of CBD. It helps the body without many harsh side effects that you get with hard drugs. CBD has shown to help relieve pain and as more studies are done we are hopeful of the potential that CBD brings. CBD is sources from high-quality hemp plants and are available in many forms from Tinctures, Capsules, Isolate, Vapes, CBD Sprays and Chill Shots. CBD…