Hemplucid is running a December giveaway

Hemplucid is running a December giveaway. Any purchase that you make using the code “cbdreviews” will be entered for a chance to win an awesome sample box. Winner will be announced on Jan 2. The code also gives your 15% off your order. Sample box contains: (1) 500mg Bottle Hemplucid Hempseed Oil (1) 500mg Bottle Hemplucid MCT Oil (1) 500mg Bottle Hemplucid Water Soluble (1) 500mg Bottle Hemplucid Vape / Drip (1) 200mg Hemplucid Dab Wax (1) ½oz Hemplucid Body Butter Sample (1) 5-pack Hemplucid CBD Gummies (1) Syringe Hempseed CBD Sample (1) Syringe Vape / Drip Sample www.hemplucid.com

Hemplucid Body Butter Review

If you ever had or have a swollen body part then Hemplucid Body Butter is for you. Having surgery a few times I know what’s it’s like to have a body part swollen for long periods of time. That intense pain and pressure is the worst. Having a brief period of reduced pain can be very relieving. Instead of using it on my wrist for my review I decided to test it out on my friend Roni. I’ve been trying to convince her on the benefits of CBD. When I saw Roni’s swollen leg I knew that I should try she…

Hemplucid Hemp Seed Oil Review

A few weeks ago, I posted about Hemplucid CBD Gummies and they are currently sold out. This tells you that people are starting to realize the benefits of CBD in many forms. This week I am writing my blog on my Hemplucid Hemp Seed Oil Review. For my review I am using their 500 mg bottle. Hemplucid Hemp Seed Oil Review Hemplucid’s Hemp Seed Oil is made from Hemplucid’s Whole-Plant CBD which is combined with hemp seed oil to give the hemp odor and nutty taste. The flavor is stronger than other oils, so you may consider mixing it in a…