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CBD Brownies

Two weeks ago, I wanted to make on CBD Brownies with 99%+ Terp infused Isolate from The Hemp Barn that I had on hand. The Isolate is 990mg of CBD per gram and since I have approximately 90% of Isolate left I calculated that I am using 901mg of CBD for my CBD Brownies. I had been vaped the other 10% for my 99%+ Terp infused Isolate from The Hemp Barn review. CBD Brownies For my CBD Brownies, I am using a cookie brownie mix. We got it from Aldi’s grocery store. I also bought a beautiful small Mortar and pestle from The Spice & Tea Exchange® at…

Add CBD to your yogurt to get your daily intake

There are many ways to add CBD (Cannabidiol) to your diet, well what about adding it to your daily intake of yogurt? Don’t be afraid to experiment with CBD and food. For those of us who eat yogurt on a regular basis you can try mixing CBD with it. There are many ways that you can accomplish this. I mixed Bluebird hemp brain power into my yogurt by adding a few drops and then stirring the yogurt until the drops are blended in. Another way that you can mix CBD (Cannabidiol) into yogurt is by adding isolate to it. Isolate can…