So today I have a treat for you guys in my Stashbox Review. For those of you who don’t know what the Stashbox is let me explain. The Stashbox is a box that is shipped to you monthly for a subscription of $30 a month plus express shipping.

Every month you receive a special design box filled with items which vary from box to box. In February, the boxed featured a product from Shine Papers. In March, it featured Marley Natural. Yes, the company founded by the family of Bob Marley. In April, the box featured a product by Ryot.

Stashbox Review

Stashbox Review

Stashbox Review

This month box is called “Bloom Stashbox” featuring Chameleon Glass. They are a maker of 100% American made glass pipes. They range in many shapes and colors.

May’s Stashbox is a deep purple colored box with flowers decorated all over. Opening the box is a printed card with the details of the box.

Stashbox Review

Hey look, Pot Sauce

My box included:

  • The Botanist Pipe by Chameleon Glass
  • Vatra Pipe Bag with Zipper
  • Pot Sauce
  • Tidy Tips by 7th Floor Vapes
  • Randy’s Classic Wire Papers
  • DAB Boo Pin

The Botanist Pipe by Chameleon Glass

The Botanist Pipe by Chameleon Glass is beautifully designed. It is colorful and according to Chameleon Glass it will change colors when you use it. There are dark blue bumps on it to hold in your hand. The glass is 3 inches long by 1 inch wide. For someone with large hands this pipe would not work. You can use this pipe for smoking CBD strains.

The Botanist Pipe by Chameleon Glass

The Botanist Pipe by Chameleon Glass

Vatra Pipe Bag with Zipper

This is a nice little bag. It holds the pipe perfectly. It has enough padding to protect the glass pipe if dropped. The color is black with a beautiful tone of orange in the zipper and the threads. Inside is black with the Vatra Pipe logos.

Pot Sauce

The pot sauce is pepper sauce with a Rasta man holding a hot red pepper between two fingers. This is a sauce you can add to your snacks for when the munchies hit you. It is right above the mild level on a scale of baby food all the way up to inferno.

Ingredients includes fresh carrots, selected red peppers, fresh onions, key lime juice, garlic and salt. It is only 24 calories per serving and have zero fat, cholesterol, sodium, saturated fat, carbs, sugars and protein.

Tidy Tips by 7th Floor Vapes

Tidy Tips by 7th Floor Vapes are Q tips that you can use to clean your pipes. The ends are angles slightly to allow for hard to reach places. 77 100% cotton tips are in a bag. They are also biodegradable.

Stashbox Review

Items included in the box

Randy’s Classic Wire Papers

Randy’s Classic Wired Rolling Papers are only using the finest paper and North American stainless steel. The built-in wire offers two benefits. The first is that the wire acts as bridge of support when you are rolling. A benefit is that once you start burning your paper, you can bend the wire out and you have a handle. This help prevents burns and squeezing of the paper.

Stashbox Review

Stashbox Review


This cute little pin that’s shaped like a “turd”. Yes, a turd. Its yellow with a big white grin on its face. They even have a Treemoji app by Stashbox. Looks like a collector’s edition.

Also in the box are Treemoji stickers and ITalo Hemp Wick which you can use with the included black “be kind” lighter. Hemp wick is a string made from 100% hemp that you can use to light your rolling papers. It is better for you than the butane smoke from the lighter. Just light it and then use the wick to light the papers.

Overall I am pleased with the box. I know someone who will appreciate the Pot Sauce a lot and someone who would love the rolling papers. I look forward to next month’s box.

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