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Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Rub Review

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In a previous post I wrote how I used CBD to boost my energy levels I mentioned that I used Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Rub to ease my pain during a move. Well, this is my full review on the pain rub.

It was raining during the move and whenever it rains my ostheoarthritis gets worse. My wrist started hurting first thing in the morning, so I had applied some of the CBD pain rub and got myself together to leave the house. I didn’t think too much about my wrist after that until we started the moving process an hour and a half later.

Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Rub ReviewHemp Bombs CBD Pain Rub Review

I started to feel pain and exhaustion. But I ended up pushing through. I had applied the pain rub on my wrist and in my shoulder blades. My shoulder blades were hurting from my young son coming to my room in the middle of the night and sleeping in the bed. I wake up to his feet all over my back.

Being able to have something to help me with the pain is a blessing. On the drive to the transfer everything I started feeling that cool tingling feeling of the menthol in Hemp Bombs pain rub. I wasn’t feeling any pain except for a numbing sensation. With the AC running the feeling was intense. Its like a cool tingling & numbing feeling.

The CBD had me motivated to get the move over with. I’ve always been someone to get motivated when there is something that I know will take some time and I push through. Like the time I went on a road trip with my family. CBD helps me deal with the pain. It allows me to be able to go about my day to day activities as best as I can.

I also used the pain rub a week before and a week after the move and the sensations wasn’t as intense. This is due to not putting extra pressure on myself and no rain.

Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Rub Review

Overall the pain relief lasted for approximately 3-4 hours every time that I use it.

If you are the type of person who work out and are sweaty and in pain after your sessions, then this pain rub is for you. That cool relief from the menthol ingredients while you are feeling hot would please anyone.

Cost is only $14.99 for a 1 oz. container with 50 mg of total CBD and a 4-oz. container with 200 mg of CBD for $39.99. For my review I had the 1 oz. container. I estimate that you get around 2-5 mg of CBD each time you use it depending on how much you scoop out.

Always use in moderation and allow your body to adjust to using CBD. This way you don’t overdo it. While menthol pain rubs are mostly used for people with osteoarthritis do make sure not to apply to irritated skin or near your eyes or mucous membranes. The alcohol in the ingredients will irritate your skin.

You can make a purchase here. Use the code cbdreviews for 10% off.

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