SAUC GSC 300mg CBD e-Liquid Review

When nature calls, you listen and you go to her. Hiking is an excellent way to give nature your attention. Why not enhance the magical experience even more with...
Sacred Biology Lotion

Sacred Biology 50mg CBD Citrus Lotion Review

Fall is coming in quick which means drier air here in NW Oregon (if it's not raining, obviously). Cold, dry air tends to really put havoc on the quality...
Morcheaba Pain Balm Extra Strength Review

Morcheaba Pain Balm Extra Strength Review

THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS!! Morcheaba pain balm truly provided me with inflammatory relief. I used the entire container over the course of a month. I suffer from inflammation in...
Steve Good's Bath Bomb

Steve’s Goods Eucalyptus Base CBD Bath Bomb Review

y week has been busy with hard, handy work, and one of the best ways to wind down is taking a nice, hot CBD infused bath. This time, I...
BioCBD+ Vape pen and Case

BioCBD+ I AM PEACE Vape Pen Review

Starting off the week at the beach was a treat. Using BioCBD+ I AM PEACE vape pen on this trip was the cherry on top. With my boyfriend away at...

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