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Palmetto Harmony AMA(Ask me anything)

Palmetto Harmony is doing an Ask me anything posting on Reddit at starting at 12PM eastern time zone.  Come ask question and receive feedback.

CBD Success Story

Here is a post over on our subreddit page about a user having an awesome CBD success story about CBD helping him with his eczema: "ok, its maybe not new...

CBD Reddit

The story of how we began as a company starts on the website called CBD Reddit. 3 and a half years ago, I became extremely curious about cannabinoids, a...
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CBD before sports. What a revelation!

Do you use cbd before sports? Well here is another cbd success story over at our subreddit /r/CBD:

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Looking to connect with like minded individuals? Then why don't you come join us on our subreddit /r/CBDinfo. Here you can ask questions or answer questions and get connect...

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