250mg Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge & Pen is a very nice set that you can purchase from Hemp Direct. The package comes with a Pre-Filled Disposable Cartridge & 510 Thread Vape Pen. It also includes a USB charger.

250mg Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge & Pen

Pre-Filled Disposable Cartridge & 510 Thread Vape Pen

The Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge is a pre-filled disposable cartridge containing 250 mg of Pure Hemp Oil. 100% plant based from seed to oil. Serving size 2.5mg. You can also purchase the 500mg cartridge seperately for $49.95.

The pen is very slick. It’s about the size of a regular ink pen, even smaller than my work pen. It’s so discreet that you can take it anywhere. In your pockets or in a jacket. This is the item to get if you don’t want to use any CBD Creams or CBD Tinctures.

The pen does not need 5 clicks to turn on. You take it out your pocket, take a pull, inhale, exhale and back in your pocket within seconds. You can tell that it is working by the green light coming from the bottom of the pen.

250mg Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge & Pen

Then vape taste like vanilla. Not to strong.

While I was in pain, I took around 5-6 pulls within 30 minutes and I didn’t even notice the pain anymore. The feeling in my shoulder that was having pain felt slightly numbing. I knew that I was in pain, but I didn’t feel any.

I would recommend the pen to someone who wants to take their CBD discreetly. The pen last around 100 pulls. 2.5mg a pull. You can up your dosage to get a stronger mg. The only drawback is the price, which is $39.95.

If you are looking to vape CBD and you want something quick, easier and convenient don’t hesitate to purchase the 250mg Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge & Pen from Hemp Direct.

Additional Information


  • 1 Pre-filled, disposable cartridge
  • 1 510 thread vape pen
  • 1 Charger

Amount per container

  • 250mg of Hemp Oil per cartridge

Serving Size

  • 2.5mg


  • Hemp Oil, D-limonene

Purchase: Hemp Direct

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